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Goodbudget is an online budget tracking service that provides a virtual method of dividing up your budget to help you keep on top of your expenses. Available on the web or as a free mobile app, Goodbudget allows users to specify exactly how they would like to spend or save funds, all in one convenient place.


To sign up simply requires an email address and password, and is free for the basic membership. Once you have an account, you can begin to create budgets by making ‘virtual envelopes’ to divide up your finances into different, pre-labelled categories, such as groceries, rent or travel. This is great, for example, if you would like set aside money to eat out each month without the risk of going over or are saving for travel and need to cut down on a certain expense by setting limits.


Another great addition to the Goodbudget platform is the blog, featuring a whole host of useful articles that offer tips and advice for managing your finances. These range from preparing a budget for Christmas to money tips for recent university graduates, catering to all different types of people and situations. You can leave comments with your feedback and set alerts for if people respond. There is also a podcast called “Money Podcast”, providing tonnes of insightful content that can easily be downloaded and listened to while on the go.


A drawback to Goodbudget is that the free version of the service only allows up to 10 digital envelopes, meaning you are slightly limited when it comes to dividing up your money into different categories. That being said, the paid version is only $6 USD per month, or $50 USD for the year.

  • Free smartphone app
  • Create digital envelopes to divide expenses into categories
  • Blog and podcast offers range of different budget-related content
  • Free version only allows 10 digital envelopes