Visa Travel Services

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Visa Travel Services is a help page offered by Visa, a multinational financial services corporation based in the US that facilitates electronic funds transfers throughout the world through their branded credit and debit cards. Founded in 1958 in California, their experience in the industry makes their Travel Services page one of the best out there for getting information on how to manage your finances when away on your travels.


A great inclusion on the Visa Travel Services page is the ‘Travel Protections’ section. This provides security tips for a safe trip regardless of the destination, laid out in an easy to read bullet point format, including ‘before you go’ and ‘during your trip’ subcategories. Although some are seemingly obvious, such as to remember your card’s PIN, other tips such as about letting your card issuer know about your trip before you leave to avoid having your card blocked, are very useful.


The Travel and Emergency Assistance Services is also a great feature of the website, which informs Visa cardholders that they are able to contact the service to receive help finding a referral abroad, be it medical, legal or transportation. Eligible cardholders can contact the service 24/7 without charge, meaning you can feel rest assured that you will be in good hands if confronted with a tricky situation when on your travels.


However, my favourite feature of the website is the global ATM locator. This allows customers to identify where they can find official Visa cash machines across the world. You can even get directions from your location to the nearest ATM, which can also be accessed via the mobile app.


One issue with the website is that its content is fairly limited. Although the travel tips are useful, they could certainly do with providing more detailed explanations for each point.

  • Travel tips laid out in easy to read bullet point format
  • Information on 24/7 Travel and Emergency Assistance Services
  • Global ATM locator with directions from current location
  • Travel tips lack depth