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Isango.com is a worthwhile option for travelers who are looking to change up their online travel booking routine. Not only do they offer 300+ destination and attractions in their broad catalogue, but they also offer real-time updates on prices for every selection on your wish list.


While Isango.com may not be the most attractive or easy-to-navigate website, I still believe that their offerings are worth checking out.


Key Features


300+ Destinations and Attractions


Prior to trying it out, I hadn’t previously heard of Isango.com. That’s a surprise given their broad catalogue of 300+ destinations and attractions. While this includes city-wide travel suites for world cities like Paris and Barcelona, I was impressed to see offerings for some less-visited locations like St. Mark’s Square and the Seine.


Though I couldn’t find every attraction I wanted to see on this platform, I expect them to expand their offerings in the near future.


Real-time Availability


It’s happened to all seasoned travelers: you have your finger on the button to snap up a great deal on a flight or hotel when suddenly the very same offer is snipped out from under you. Isango.com tries to minimize the likelihood of this unpleasant situation by providing real-time updates of all available offers.


While using this website, this feature saved me $53 on a trip to Paris. I would have missed those savings had the page not refreshed just before I bought my ticket, allowing me to switch to a better deal.


Noteworthy Weaknesses


Difficult to Navigate Website


Isango.com is a very visual website, that’s for sure. While this certainly gives you a lot to look at, it doesn’t make this website any easier to navigate. I struggled to move beyond the home page and find anything more than their big ticket offers. In so many words, Isango.com needs a digital redesign.

  • 300+ locations in the US and abroad
  • Real-time updating on prices
  • Cancellation policy on some bookings
  • Website is difficult to search and navigate
  • Low net review scores from major aggregates