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Everyone has heard of destination vacations, whether that’s a trip to Mexico’s sunny beaches or Japan’s many cultural sites.  But for some, a destination trip means going abroad to witness a very specific event, like a major concert or sporting event. For those that relish this opportunity, Ticketcity.com is a perfect match for your interests.


Ticketcity.com was built with sports and entertainment fans in mind, allowing interested travelers to easily search through a wide variety of tickets based on city, venue, and team. More importantly, you’ll grow to trust this company as I have in large part due to their nearly 30 years of reliable online service.


Some upcharging is bound to happen when you buy from Ticketcity.com. But even so, don’t let a small extra charge dissuade you from chasing your dream of seeing your favorite team or artist live.


Key Features


Designed for Sports and Entertainment Fans


I’m a lifelong sports fan and I would gladly travel to see my favorite teams, even if that meant going abroad. Finding tickets from these international venues can be a challenge, especially if their websites are not available in English. Ticketcity.com has managed to take that element of hassle out of the equation by creating a fully user-friendly ticket shopping experience.


Ticketcity.com’s convenient search bar makes it a breeze to find precisely which ticketed event I am searching for. This website is also organized by team, artist, venue, and city, allowing me to quickly find what I need categorically.


Nearly 30 Years of Reliable Service


For folks like me who aren’t so-called “digital natives,” it feels like the Internet came into our lives just yesterday. Few ticket booking websites can claim a long track record of service, that is, except for Ticketcity.com.


They’ve been online and helping travelers find great sports and entertainment tickets for nearly 30 years now. This really points to their continued ability to serve their customer’s needs and remain relevant in a crowded industry.


Noteworthy Weaknesses


Resell Upcharging


As with many online ticket resellers, Ticketcity.com includes some addition “processing” fees on top of the cost of your ticket. While this is to be expected, these added fees run the risk of putting some over budget (especially when accounting for travel costs). As such, Ticketcity.com may not fit fan’s budget.