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Peek is a tours and activities website that carefully curates a selection of high-quality activities, making them easy to reserve online whether viewing on the computer, tablet or mobile phone. Their travel experts handpick the best activities to provide personalised experiences that match the varied preferences of its customers.


After selecting your destination, you will be shown a list of different tours and activities that can be sorted by price and rating, the latter of which is based on verified user reviews. These are a great addition, as only customers who have purchased the tour via the website can leave a comment, making for a more reliable representation of the experience, unlike TripAdvisor.


I particularly like the feature that requires users to choose between two photos over a series of nine questions in order for the website to handpick experiences based on your tastes. Options include choosing between a scene of the New York skyline and a shot of the Grand Canyon, a painting by Van Gogh and a blueberry cheesecake, and picture of the Eiffel Tower and a sports car racing around a track. Once you have answered all the questions, you are told what type of traveller you are, before being able to enter your destination to discover the activities most suited to you.


One downside I found was that there are not many filters and categories to choose from when searching through results, thus making it difficult to sort through and find precisely what you’re looking for. Currently, you can only select from nine different options, therefore the addition of more specific categories would make the process much quicker. I also found that the information on some of the options is quite limited, some with just two lines of description. This can make it difficult to get a true sense of what exactly it is you are booking.

  • Verified user reviews only from those who have purchased a tour via the website
  • Find results tailored to your preferences by completing multiple choice photo questionnaire
  • Not many filters or categories to choose from
  • Description of some tours and activities a bit thin on the ground