Lonely Planet Scotland


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Lonely Planet Scotland is a guidebook covering all the best destinations to visit, from Edinburgh to Glasgow to Orkney and Shetland. Their highlights and itineraries put all the top things to do in easy-to-read lists, while their cultural insights equip you for when you arrive.


I thought that the inclusion of a section on disabled travellers was particularly thoughtful as many guidebook do not cater for those that have trouble getting around by assuming that everybody is equally able. The chapter provides specific information on how to best get about and the potential problems that one may encounter if carrying a disability whilst travelling in Scotland.


Another aspect of the book that I thought was very useful was the fact that it appeals to everyone, regardless of interests. For example, if you are more keen on discovering what Scotland has to offer in terms of shopping, then there is an entire section dedicated to it, whereas if you prefer to discover the traditional festivals that are on then there is also a section dedicated exclusively to that. All are presented in an easy to navigate contents page, allowing you to quickly find what you’re after.


I also enjoy looking at the ‘Special Features’ section of the book, which includes Scotland’s museums, castles, islands, lochs and mountains. In each Lonely Planet guidebook, there are always different special features that highlight what sets that particular country apart from others, its level of detail giving the reader a good grasp of what to expect.


One criticism of the book would be the inaccuracies when it comes to recommending some of the lesser known, smaller towns. For example, some places that the guide states as having nowhere to eat or drink do in fact have lots of cafes and restaurants. This could be down to a lack of research or simply being out-dated in certain areas.

  • Caters to all travellers, regardless of disability, religion or sexual orientation
  • Offers information and recommendations whatever your interest
  • Special features section contains info on what sets the country apart from other destinations
  • Details of smaller towns is less accurate than bigger ones