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The Scout motto of “be prepared” applies to all adventurers, especially those that stray from the well-worn path. Such adventures tend to bring with them some bumps and bruises, so it’s always in your best interest to pack in a first aid fit. Mymedic.com makes this practice easier than ever, thanks in large part to their innovative Kit Finder which helps you find a model to fit your needs and budget.


I always insist on all of my travel gear being as durable as possible, given how much I count on it. Mymedic.com travel first aid kits live up to my standards, providing durable construction that is implemented by members US Forest Service and FBI.


Though I’ve rarely needed to use my own kit, I’m glad to be prepared with my premier model from Mymedic.com.


Key Features


First Aid Kit Finder


When I first visited Mymedic.com, I was a little worried that I’d need to spend hours hunting through their large catalog of first aid kits and supplies. However, this research stage was entirely eliminated thanks to their innovative First Aid Kit Finder. By answering a few quick questions, this program can help you find a kit that best fits the needs of your traveling style.


Durable Construction


I don’t travel with cheap knockoffs and low-quality alternatives, it’s as simple as that. In the case of my travel first aid kit, that does not mean I need to leave my Mymedic.com kit behind. Build from stain and weather-resistant fibers, these kits can stand up to the wear and travel of backpacking while remaining useful for future adventures.


Noteworthy Weaknesses


Refunds are Difficult to Attain


Though I’ve been broadly pleased with Mymedic.com’s products, I did run into some trouble when trying to obtain a refund on some improperly manufactured supplies. While I was able to reach their customer service, I found myself calling multiple times in order to fully secure my refund. This was a hassle, one I hope to avoid in future.

  • Durable construction through all components
  • Convenient first aid kit finder to prevent upcharging
  • Military, firefighter, and first responder discounts
  • Refunds take extra long
  • Unclear manufacturing location