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iwantout Reddit is a subreddit aimed at all those who have expatriated or are considering doing it, where they can share their advice, experiences, questions, and first-hand accounts of making the move abroad. It boasts a membership of 335,000 subscribers, with hundreds of people posting content on its feed every day.


What I like in particular about r/IWantOut is that it differs from the usual advice about travelling abroad, such as where to eat out, which hostels to stay in, and the best activities to do, and instead focuses on relocating for a significant period of time. Posts include people seeking advice on where to go to start fresh, how the job market works in a particular country, visa information, attaining residency and the cost of living. There is a wide variety of different questions, however they all focus a long-term move rather than a short trip away.


Another aspect of the subreddit that I like in particular is the rules on talking politics. Often when you find a forum discussing repatriating, it is full of talk about the adverse political situation in the country that people are leaving and their thoughts on where it all went wrong. iwantout reddit has fairly strict guidelines on posting about political content, where it is not banned but they try to encourage people to talk more about where they are going and getting advice for moving abroad, rather than discussing the reasons for doing it.


One thing that I feel could make the subreddit better is the sharing of more photos to break up the text slightly and offer inspiration for moving away. Unlike other travel forums that are inundated with photographs of people’s experiences in a country, r/IWantOut is very much text based, with people asking and answering questions.

  • Usual advice about moving abroad for a long period of time
  • Admins try to limit political chat and focus on advice for moving abroad
  • Lack of photo content