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r/freelance is a subreddit aimed at freelancers and those interested in becoming a freelancer, featuring a range of content from articles to photos to videos that offers hints, tips, advice, questions and inspiration. The page has nearly 80,000 subscribers, while new and original content is shared on the feed everyday.


For me, the best feature of the subreddit is the ability to ask questions and receive answers, sometimes within a matter of minutes, on any query you may have with regards to the world of freelancing. The subreddit gives an idea of how many of the subscribers are online at any one time, meaning there could potentially be a whole host of people ready to give you advice, no matter what you want to find out about. I found this particularly useful as although articles and blogs have plenty of information on freelancing, being able to post your own questions and receive answers that are specific to you is a great resource.


Another good feature is the inclusion of links to other subreddits that may be more tailored to the information you’re looking for. Each link has a short description as to the type of information you will find there, meaning you don’t have to waste time on one subreddit trying to find something out and can quickly go to the one most suited to your needs.


However, a drawback I found with r/freelance was that it wasn’t aimed solely at travellers and was more of a general forum for freelancer questions, particularly those trying to make it as freelancers in the United States. Therefore, if you are after information about being a freelancer while travelling, I would recommend the subreddit r/DigitalNomads over r/freelancer.

  • Ability to ask questions tailored specifically to your circumstances
  • Links to other helpful subreddits for freelancers
  • Only provides general information for freelancers, predominantly based in the United States