Oceania Cruises


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When booking a cruise, a simple website that gets straight to the point is exactly what is needed to make the process as easy as possible. OceaniaCruises.com offers precisely that, with an aesthetic design and user-friendly functionality that lets you choose all your preferences to find a cruise most suited to your needs.


You can either enter your specific travel itinerary or simply scroll through their various offers on cruises, comparing deals by ticking the ‘Compare’ box that puts the two options side-by-side with information on duration, fares, guest capacity and trip schedule. If you are interested in enjoying fantastic cuisine during your trip, you can also choose between Jacques Pépin or Claudine Pépin cruises, which offers unique voyages for culinary aficionados, featuring signature menus, food lectures and cooking demonstrations from the chefs themselves.


The Oceania Club rewards loyal members with privileges, such as shipboard credits, free pre-paid gratuities, and savings on beverages. The more you sail with Oceania, the more on-board amenities you can benefit from depending on which membership type you have, ranging from ‘Blue’ to ‘President’s Circle’, the latter including a free cruise.


One downside to the website is that rather than instantly making a booking after finding the perfect cruise, instead you have to ‘Request A Quote’ by filling in your contact details and waiting for a reply. This makes the process rather long winded, and takes significantly longer than being able to quickly book online without registering as a member.


Nevertheless, the website is easy to use and there is enough information on various aspects of the cruises to make a decision before booking, meaning that by the time you have to request a quote, it is likely you already have already made up your mind about whether it is worth the time or not.

  • Option to compare various deals in easy-to-view mode
  • Choose between normal cruise or specialist culinary deals
  • Oceania Club rewards loyal customers by giving access to additional on board amenities
  • Making a booking requires signing up and requesting a quote can seem long winded