2 Voted is a ride-sharing platform that connects drivers and passengers to help save money and reduce emissions. Joining is completely free and allows you access to thousands of people offering journeys between places that trains and buses may not run.


To search for a ride, you must simply enter your travel itinerary and hit go to bring up a list of results. Once you have selected a driver, you must request a seat to form a ‘Liftshare team’. One of my favourite features here is the ability to message the driver directly using the website’s online chat. This makes communication far easier than sending emails and allows you to find out any information that they may have left out in their description.


Another great feature is the ‘Savings calculator’ that allows users to enter the details of their journey to find out how much they can save by using Liftshare to make trips. You can add information, such as the frequency of the journey, whether it is a return or one way, and how many passengers you share with. This means that if you usually commute catching the train, you can find out how much money you could save by opting to share with someone using the Liftshare instead. The website then produces information of how much you could save in a year as well as the number of tonnes in CO2 emissions and the equivalent in offsetting of trees.


One downside is that there is no LiftShare mobile application for searching and requesting seats, only for communicating with drivers. This means that you cannot reserve a ride while on the move and must have access to a computer in order to take advantage of the service.

  • Online chat allows easy communication directly with driver
  • Savings calculator lets users know how much they could be saving in money and CO2 emissions by using LiftShare
  • Useful blog with information on pollution, saving money and promotions
  • No mobile application available for searching and requesting seats