0 Voted is an online resource that provides information on a selection of more than 30,000 of pet-friendly hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals across the United States and Canada, along with pet-friendly activities, pet-related airline policies, pet travel supplies and more. Their team of animal experts have years of experience dealing with pet-related travel and are always on hand to help pet owners plan their next trip away.


One of the defining features of TripsWithPets, for me, is the airline and car rental policies section. While there are a number of websites that recommend various hotels and holiday homes that welcome pets, it can often be difficult to know whether you will actually be able to bring your pet along with you in the first place. The airline policies section lists a number of major airlines that can be clicked on to discover their terms and conditions when it comes to flying with your dog or cat. These include maximum weight, extra fees and official guidelines, to help you decide who to fly with. The car rentals section works in much the same way, with the addition of important tips for using seat belts and travel crates.


Another great feature that I like in particular is the email notifications scheme. This offers users the opportunity to sign up using their email address in order to receive exclusive deals, tips and additional information directly to their inbox. It means that if you are pressed for time when planning a trip away, you can simply register and wait for the deals to come flooding in, allowing you to be the first to take advantage of them.


I also find the ‘Things to do’ section infinitely useful, with information on parks, beaches, restaurants and even breweries that are suitable to bring your pet with you. You can search through by either state or city, as well as viewing the website’s top suggestions. One drawback is that TripsWithPets is only relevant to those planning a trip to either the United States or Canada, meaning if you plan on going further afield, you will need to find a different website to gather similar information.

  • Information on more than 30,000 different establishments
  • Airline and car rental policies on pets
  • Email notifications scheme sends exclusive deals directly to your inbox
  • Things to do section lists top attractions in each city
  • Only caters to those travelling in North America