Arro is a ride-sharing mobile app that allows customers to request taxis at the press of a button. Like other taxi-hailing apps, Arro allows you to input your card details to make payment quick and easy, while you can let your phone track your location to make pick-up simple.


One of the best features I found while using Arro was the absence of surge pricing, meaning that prices remain the same regardless of weather or changes in demand. This differs from Uber and Lyft, which implement higher prices during peak times or adverse road conditions due to rain or snow.


Arro email you a receipt immediately after your trip, allowing riders to keep track of expenses and be easily reimbursed if travelling on business. Furthermore, all Arro drivers are locally licensed, with strict background checks providing a feeling of security for passengers.


Another great feature, and one that sets it apart from its competitors, is that Arro works with all yellow and green cabs as a quick payment system. This means that there are more potential drivers on the roads at any one time than other companies and allows you to hail down a taxi the traditional way, but not have to worry about having the right amount of cash to cover the trip.


An obvious downside to using Arro is the lack of a user verified rating system that lets you rate your experience with a driver through the app. This means that drivers do not have an incentive to provide the best service possible, like they do with Uber or Lyft, two apps that rely on good user ratings to remain as a driver.


There is also a lack of a rewards scheme to benefit loyal customers, nor is there a refer a friend feature to give you credit should you recommend someone to download and use the app. With the journeys being more expensive than Uber, this addition would go a long way

  • No surge pricing
  • Email receipt immediately after journey
  • Can be used to pay for journeys with all yellow and green city cabs
  • No user verified rating system to maintain high standards
  • Lack of rewards scheme or ‘Refer A Friend’ option
  • Journeys more expensive than Uber