Ola Cabs is an Indian origin online transportation company with a network of more than a million vehicles based in over 160 cities, including Delhi, Pune and Perth. Not only can you choose from a range of different car types to travel in, you can also select a bike or E-Rick, depending on your preference.


Ola Cabs work much in the same way as other taxi hailing apps, with the option to request journeys, view fare estimates and leave reviews. You can choose to either pay through the app or with cash, as well as make advance bookings to guarantee a ride.


However, what sets Ola Cabs apart from other similar taxi apps is their in cab entertainment system, called ‘Ola Play’. Each car is equipped with a range of infotainment options and enhanced driver assistance that can be accessed via the Ola Cabs app, allowing you to choose music, radio stations or even HD episodes of your favourite TV shows.


Another great feature is the safety aspect of the app. Apart from drivers having to be verified by going through a series of rigorous background checks, there is also an emergency alert button if you feel uncomfortable, as well as live ride tracking so that others can make sure you are en route to your destination.


Nevertheless, in comparison to other ride hailing apps, Ola Cabs comes in more expensive at 80 Rupees for the first four kilometres. Furthermore, before expanding recently into Australia, Ola Cabs was only available across Indian cities, meaning although it is a good option in India, services like Uber are available in multiple countries so you will not have to download multiple apps if travelling.

  • Easy to use and lots of availability in Indian cities
  • Variety of different modes of transport, including bikes and E-Ricks
  • Ola Play gives passengers option to choose music, radio stations and TV shows
  • Safety features help passengers feel comfortable and secure
  • More expensive compared to other similar services
  • Currently only available in India and Perth