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Wingz is a transportation service currently operating in over 25 major cities across the United States. Although originally focused on transportation to and from airports, Wingz has recently expanded into journeys within their participating cities.


Wingz looks and feels much like other taxi-hailing apps, with the option to set pick up and drop off location. However, what sets it apart from its competitors is the ability to be able to handpick your driver. I have always felt as though apps like Uber or Lyft should have this feature included, as it makes for a much more personal journey by allowing you to choose drivers you know, like and trust. If you frequently travel to different cities, you can even make a list of your favourite drivers so that you can instantly book them for when you arrive.


Another great feature that I’ve found using Wingz is that you can reserve a driver up to two months in advance, thus removing one less thing to worry about when travelling. As Wingz do not add any surge pricing, you can be sure that the price you have booked at, be it two months in advance or the day before, will remain the same.


On the Wingz website I also found the blog to be particularly useful, as in includes information on navigating different airports, as well as recommendations of the best apps to download for travel.


Nevertheless, one thing that could be improved is the rewards scheme. They only offer $5 USD off the first trip and there is no option to refer a friend to gain credit, which may incentivise more people to use the app. Although prices are cheaper than traditional taxi and limo services, the addition of some form of rewards would make the service even more complete.

  • Request and create lists of your favourite drivers
  • Book up to two months in advance
  • No surge pricing
  • Blog containing useful information for travel
  • Only offer $5 USD off first journey
  • No option to refer a friend to gain rewards