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GoCatch is an Australian ride-sharing service that uses an app to request taxis across a range of different cities. It functions in a very similar way to companies, such as Uber, however it contains a few features that set it apart from its competitor.


One feature that is included which, for me, really makes a difference is the Fastest Route Guarantee. This basically means that GoCatch offers passengers the promise that their drivers will take you on the fastest route possible to your destination and that if, after your journey, you realise that you have been taken a longer, more expensive route, they will pay out the difference.


This tackles a common problem with other taxi-hailing companies that have been accused in the past of taking their passengers less direct routes in order to make more money. The assurance that this will not be the case with GoCatch, therefore, is a brilliant addition to its service.


Another good feature is the option to reserve a taxi up to 12 months in advance, with no fear of surge pricing after you’ve made the booking. Not only does this take some of the stress out of travelling, it means you can feel safe knowing that the fare estimate will not increase further down the line.


The GoCatch Rewards scheme allows loyal customers to gain exclusive benefits, such as complimentary premium transfers, priority customer care and concierge booking services. This is a great addition, and incentivises users to continue using the app.


One issue I found with the app is that you cannot view a list of past journeys, making it difficult to work out how much you have spent on travel or which trips you made on particular days. The inclusion of this would undoubtedly make the service more complete.

  • Fastest Route Guarantee gives money back on journeys where the driver has not taken the cheapest, most direct route
  • Ability to reserve taxis up to twelve months in advance
  • GoCatch Rewards scheme offers benefits to loyal customers
  • Cannot view history of past journeys in the app