Via is a ride-sharing service that functions much in the same way as other taxi-hailing mobile apps, such as Uber or Lyft, but that operates more like a public bus. A rider is able to download the app, select pick-up and drop-off location and view availability.


However, Via only provides Mercedes-Benz vans that pick up several passengers along the way and make multiple stops, more similar to a bus service. This is intended to offer people an alternative to using public transport and access areas that normal buses may not travel to, without having to call a taxi for one person. Not only does this cut costs, it also helps to minimise emissions as multiple people are sharing the same journey rather than travelling individually.


One of the aspects that I liked about Via was the ability to book a van via telephone as well as using the app. This means that people without access to smart phones can also benefit from the service, without having to go through the process of downloading an app, entering personal details, etcetera.


For me, another good feature is the ‘Refer A Friend’ option, which allows users to share their personal promotion code directly through the “Free Rides” section of the app. Then, when your friend signs up using the code, you will receive $10 USD of credit to use on your next journey. As there is no limit to this promo, you could end up travelling for free over multiple journeys, should you recommend enough journeys to friends.


One thing that I found slightly frustrating was the fact that the van does not come straight to your door, instead making you walk a block or two to find your ride. This means that if it is raining, for example, you will have to face the weather as, unlike other taxi services, they will only go to the nearest corner.

  • Cut costs and emissions by sharing with other riders
  • Able to reserve seat both through the app or over the phone
  • ‘Refer A Friend’ allows customers to benefit from free rides
  • Does not come straight to your door to pick you up