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MoneySmart is a travel insurance comparison website that compares all the best companies in order to give you the very best deal to cover you against everything, including lost baggage, medical emergencies, last minute cancellations and flight delays. The website lets you choose between a single trip and annual coverage, while the list of destinations ranges from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.


One of my favourite features of MoneySmart is that once you have entered your trip details (destinations, dates, number of people and activities you might be doing), you will be shown a list of options that you can then sort by different categories. I always like to sort by price to get an idea of what the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive on the market is, before clicking on ‘More Details’ to bring up a checklist of what’s included in the plan, as well as the leisure activities covered. This can be vitally important should you be planning on going on an adventure holiday that includes some form of extreme sport, such as bungee jumping or skiing.


Another great feature of the website is that you can add a filter for the specific company that you wish to view result for. This is ideal for those who are frequent travellers and wish to benefit from a company’s rewards scheme. Although MoneySmart’s rewards program is not particularly impressive, the addition of this filter means it is easy to benefit from a particular company’s one instead.


A downside to using MoneySmart is that you cannot book directly through their website, which means you will always be taken through to a third-party booking site instead and sometimes have to re-enter all the details of your travel itinerary. This can make the process more long-winded than it has to be.

  • Sort results by range of different categories
  • ‘More Details’ gives detailed check-list of what is included in the plan
  • Ability to add filter for particular insurance company
  • Cannot book directly through their website