True Traveller

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True Traveller is a travel insurance company offering coverage on single and multiple trips, giving you personalised insurance whether you are surfing, skiing or simply sunbathing. After entering your trip details, you will be given a choice between three different plans – True Value, Traveller or Traveller Plus – each with varying degrees of coverage for medical expenses, baggage loss, cancellation and personal liability.


For me, one aspect of True Traveller that sets it apart from other travel insurance companies is the wide-range of add-ons that you can include with your plan. These feature everything from marathons to canyon swinging to tandem skydiving, meaning your insurance will have you covered for every type of trip. However, the add-ons are not only limited to extreme sports, and can be selected for a whole host of other scenarios, such as loss or damage to specific items, waiver excess for damage to hired cars and disruption during any part of your trip.


Another infinitely useful resource that I have resorted to while purchasing insurance from True Traveller is their online live chat. All that is required is your name and email address to get online, before you are connected with a travel agent who is there to answer all your queries, free of the charge and hassle associated with making a phone call and waiting to speak with someone. There is also the option to send a message directly to the True Traveller Twitter and Facebook pages.


A drawback to the website is the limited information available on travelling to various destinations around the world. Although there is a ‘Tips for backpackers’ section, it would be helpful if they were to have a more expansive blog, featuring articles that give more detailed advice about airports, hostels and navigating around cities.

  • Wide-range of add-ons available
  • Live online chat and option to send message via Twitter and Facebook
  • Limited information for people planning a trip