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Offering a website with a chic design and easy-to-use platform, Reserve has become a great resource for finding tables at restaurants with just a few clicks of the mouse. Not only does it help diners and restaurateurs connect, it allows users to discover new places to eat out, with the option to refine results by adding filters to suit their preference.


Using Reserve is very simple. Like OpenTable, the website allows you to enter all your details, including location, number of guests, date and time – while the filters let you narrow down your results by price and cuisine. However, the filter I like to use most is ‘Awards’. This lets the user view restaurants that have won the plaudits of publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and Michelin. As these awards are handed out by experts in food, you can be sure that there is some degree of quality with restaurants boasting those titles.


Once you have chosen your restaurant, you will be taken through to their profile on the website, where you can view photos, check out the menu and find out a bit more about the establishment. However, one of the downsides to Reserve is that they don’t feature any of their own verified user reviews. Instead, there is a link to another website, called Zagat, where you can view what people have said, yet these are often just taken from Google, meaning they are not as reliable.


Another downside is that Reserve only offer restaurants in the US, and even these are limited. Without verified user reviews, its difficult to know how many people have actually used the website to book a table and whether its been successful or not. Hopefully, given more time, the company will expand into other countries, but for now its only useful if you are over in America.

  • Simplistic and easy-to-use platform
  • Ability to filter by cuisine, price and rewards
  • No verified user reviews available
  • Only offers limited number of restaurants in the US