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When it launched in 2009, Foursquare was principally a website for telling your friends where you were by checking in to restaurants, bars and cafes. Although that function is still possible using their sister company Swarm, Foursquare has since become one of the best websites around for finding things to do, whether its to eat, drink, dance or shop.


With its simple platform you can quickly and easily search for exactly what you want by either clicking on their pre-set categories or typing in to their search bar. Once you’ve decided, Foursquare takes you through to a new page with a map of your current location and various pinpoints in numerical order, one being the highest rated in the category. There are also various extra filters you can apply, such as special deals, price range and opening hours to make your search even more specific.


A feature that I particularly like to use is the ‘Saved’ category, where you can add places that you might want to view later. This makes for quick decision-making if, for example, you have saved a cool looking coffee shop and need somewhere local for a caffeine fix. Each establishment’s ranking is based on user reviews that can easily be viewed alongside user photos by simply clicking on the name. Additionally, the more you use Foursquare, the more accurate its recommendations for you will be as it starts to learn your preferences.


One downside to the website is that it doesn’t have quite as many reviews as other similar websites, such as TripAdvisor, nor is the list of businesses as extensive. Nevertheless, the website in general is much more clutter-free than its competitor as it doesn’t offer hotel or flight comparison, giving it a friendlier and cleaner feel.

  • Simple, clean and user-friendly interface
  • Lots of filters to choose from
  • Option to save favourites that can be viewed later
  • Doesn’t contain as many reviews or businesses as other websites