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Foodpanda is an Indian food delivery service that gives customers the chance to order food from thousands of restaurants, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply a late night snack. From traditional meals to well-known fast food chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut, Foodpanda has all sorts of cuisine on offer, while its platform is easy to use and can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS. They also offer exclusive discounts from lots of their restaurants, meaning you can often find better deals via the app than you would do by going in to the restaurant.


A feature that I feel sets Foodpanda apart from other similar services is the fact that you are able to pay by both card or by cash. If paying by card, you just have to enter your details and it will automatically be charged when you make an order. However, if there is a group of you and you want to split the cost between you, paying by cash upon delivery may be easier, and this can be selected instead.


There is also a great option to pre-order food, which allows you to prepare yourself before time and get food sorted. If I know that lots of people are coming over to watch a big game, I will use the feature to order food ahead of time, so that it is delivered just before the game and I can focus on sorting out other things.


After searching for restaurants in your area, you will be shown a list of results that can be filtered down based on specific items such as cuisine or those that are currently offering special deals. You can also sort results by either popularity, ratings, minimum order value, delivery fee and speed of delivery. The star rating next to each restaurant is determined by verified customer reviews, however I found that this was limited as it only displays the number of stars given and does not have any written feedback to determine why they have rated it as they have.

  • Multiple forms of payment
  • Option to pre-order food
  • Selection of filters to narrow down results
  • No written feedback. Only star rating