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Have you ever frantically searched for a hotel on short notice? Have you ever had trouble trying to compare rates from different hotels? Have you ever noticed that hotels make it hard to see the real rate until you’re already checking out? This is all by design. The hotel industry has been making it difficult to book rooms and see real-time rates for years.


Booking hotels and comparing prices have always been very difficult until Otel came along. Otel, aptly named, is an online service that helps you find hotels for specific dates and compare rates instantly so that you know you are getting the best deal possible.


This website was established in 2004 and since then has helped hundreds of thousands of people save money instantly by providing premium booking and price comparison services to all patrons.


Their team and services cover the globe. No matter who you are or where you’re going, Otel has your back and will help you save money while also conveniently booking travel.


Key Features


Search & Book Feature


Some websites that are free to use are cumbersome and require 10 minutes worth of forms and for you to enter your email in order for you to finally get some information that you need. Otel isn’t like that. They have a large, easy-to-use form on the front page that will help you immediately get your quote.


All you have to do is fill out the city, hotel, your check-in date, and how many guests. The search engine will then scour the web to find the cheapest rates in the area for those dates and give you a list of the best options. It’s that easy!


We know what you’re thinking. How could a tool like this be free to use? What’s the catch? We understand that you might have suspicions, but Otel is completely free to use. You can save money—for free! Otel makes their money by partnering with the hotels that you book, so there’s no cost to you.


Easy Customer Support


It’s a rare thing to find these days, but Otel provides great customer support by live chat, email, or live phone calls. Simply click the Contact Us tab and get in contact!

  • Helps you save money instantly
  • Easy to use
  • Gives you a wide range of options
  • You can’t book flights through Otel