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AdventureLink is a travel technology company that specialises in curating hand picked tours from the world’s best tour operators, making it easy for travellers to find, compare and book trips. Since being founded in 2006, AdventureLink has branched into over 150 countries, offering more than 7000 tours worldwide.


One of the best features that I came across when booking a tour with AdventureLink was the personal travel planner. In this section you are presented with a series of multiple choice questions, such as ‘What is the purpose of your trip?’ ‘What would you like to do?’, and ‘What accommodation type do you prefer?’ to aid an algorithm into creating a travel itinerary most suited to your preferences.


Another nice feature that I came across when using AdventureLink was the ‘Weekly Top 10’ section, a list of ten different destinations handpicked by the website, all with money off experiences. After clicking on one of the items, you will be taken through to a detailed description of the tour or activity, featuring information on what’s included, guide language, tour type and extra notes. There are also a series of high quality images presented as a slideshow to give the user a sense of what to expect from the experience.


When using AdventureLink I found it exceedingly difficult to find tours by specific destinations, instead being shown a selection of tours by continent. When typing in the name of a city, I was instead shown a list of options that appeared to be individual tours with the name of the city in rather than a filter to view all the tours related with that destination. This indicated to me that perhaps the website is better for finding a tour before you have chosen a specific location and working round that way instead.

  • Personal travel planner helps fine tune results specifically to your taste
  • Weekly Top 10 recommends the best deals of that week
  • Detailed descriptions and photographs of each experience
  • Cannot search by specific city
  • Website has out dated feel to it