Last Minute Travel

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 Founded in 1996, Last Minute Travel started from a desire to help those who would consider themselves time-strapped travellers and has developed into one of the most trusted online marketplaces for people to discover and book their ideal vacation. Whether booking at a moment’s notice or well in advance, Last Minute Travel offers availability in more than 120,000 hotels across 4,500 cities worldwide, connecting travellers with unique and exciting experiences at reasonable prices. On their website, they claim to have assisted over 1.5 million bookings in the last five years.


In the modern age of convenience technology, having everything at your fingertips has become part of the everyday norm, and Last Minute Travel is no different. They offer a free smartphone application available on both Android and iOS, which comes with exclusive in-app benefits, interactive search results and $25 USD off first bookings. For me, this is very handy as it means that you can continue to browse and make reservations while on the go, while not having to wait to be at your desktop or laptop to access their deals.


When it comes to searching for a vacation, Last Minute Travel is simple to use, requiring just a destination, travel dates and number of guests in order to search for potential matches. You can choose between looking for hotels, flights, cruises, rental cars, holiday homes, package deals and activities, meaning you have everything you need to plan a trip all in one place. After entering details of your itinerary, you will be able to view the list of options, add filters, read descriptions, see photos and check room types.


However, I particularly like the choice of opting for a secret hotel, in which the name and brand of the place is hidden until after making the booking, yet the price is much lower than the one displayed to regular customers. This means that if you are a flexible traveller like I am, you can save up to 65% on bookings, yet still stay in the area and during the dates that suit you.


With that said, one drawback I encountered when using Last Minute Travel deals was that it has the potential to, at times, feel fairly overwhelming. With so many travel deals on offer, from cruises to hotels to rental cars, you get the feeling as though it might be better if they focused on one or two items, rather than taking on the whole lot.

  • Exclusive benefits via their free smartphone app
  • Simple search function
  • Secret hotel scheme can help save 65% on bookings
  • Live online chat with travel agent
  • Amount of information can feel overwhelming