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Juno is a ride-sharing app that works much in the same way as similar transportation companies, like Uber, however that takes a smaller cut off every ride, as part of their strategy to attract and retain happier drivers.


I found the platform easy to use and not too dissimilar to other taxi-hailing mobile applications, with the ability to choose pick up and drop off locations, view fare estimates and choose vehicle type.


However, the way in which Juno sets itself apart from its competitors is its focus on maintaining a high standard of employee. They only recruit drivers from Uber and Lyft with an average rating above 4.6 and 4.7 respectively, meaning the driver has to have gained a reputation as an efficient and friendly cab driver beforehand.


One of the downsides to this is that it means you cannot rate the quality of the driver yourself, as Juno want the passenger to assume that they are already to a high standard, as proved by their performance with another company.


I particularly liked the in-app tipping function that allows you to add gratuity to your payment without having to fumble around trying to find some cash. Although Juno take a much smaller commission from their drivers in comparison to Uber – who take as much as 30% – it is still a good feature to be able to reward your driver for good service.


As Juno is a relatively new kid on the bloke with regards to ride-sharing apps, they offer a launch discount of 30% for journeys around New York City. This is a great deal and makes the trip significantly cheaper than traveling with a traditional yellow taxicab. That being said, there is no rewards scheme currently in place for repeat customers, which would incentivise people to continue using their app.

  • Only employee best drivers from Uber and Lyft
  • In-app tipping function
  • 30% launch discount in New York City
  • Cannot rate quality of driver
  • No rewards scheme