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Rehlat is a long-standing budget and discount flight, vacation, and hotel booking site that helps to find and book travel in the easiest way possible. People love it for its ease of use, filtering options, and outstanding content that helps to make it an incredibly valuable tool for anyone trying to book travel. It has several features that make it an appealing destination for those wanting to find their next vacation and save money and time while doing it.


Key Features

Rehlat offers several features that make it an industry-leader in the travel space. The most prominent is probably the Chrome plugin that they offer. The plugin, developed by Rehlat, helps you to identify great deals and acts as your assistant while you’re trying to book a travel destination for you or your family.


Another great feature of Rehlat is that they put out some great content on their website. They aren’t just dedicated to helping you book travel easily, but they also put out a lot of information that gives you some great knowledge and information about travel that can help you to save time, money, and even stay safe while you are traveling.


Finally, Rehlat has an Inspirations tab. Often times, one of the hardest parts of going on vacation is coming up with ideas on where to go when you’re on vacation. That’s why Rehlat offers a lot of great ideas in their Inspiration section. Using their resources, you should be able to find your dream location in no time.



While Rehlat’s platform is superb and easy to use, we do have some concern with their selection fo packages. It seems that they don’t have a ton of different destinations outside of the Middle East. This is a great platform if you are traveling to one of the countries that they have available, but it doesn’t have much use beyond those purposes.

  • Easy filtering system
  • Great content and knowledge base
  • Rewards system
  • Chrome plugin
  • Limited vacation package selection