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As a regular traveller to Asia, Africa, South America and Europe I was interested to look at skiplagged.com to see if it would suit my travel needs.

The skiplagged website is clear and well laid out: the graphics are easy to use, and flight searches return quickly. It also has a useful “anywhere” feature for the destination: this is especially useful for flexible travellers who want to travel to wherever is cheap. I like the scroll bar option for take off/landing times and layover durations. This is especially useful for transcontinental flights when cheapest flights can often involve layovers of up to 24 hours: business travellers will especially appreciate this feature. The option to track prices is also welcome for those seeking to fly on a limited budget who don’t want to have to replicate the same search everyday to find the cheapest flight.

Unfortunately, when I wanted to search for the cheapest flights within a certain month, this wasn’t possible: the website only allows you to search on fixed dates. I would prefer if it was possible to search within a time band as per skyscanner.com (by month) or kiwi.com (by any range of dates).

Prices initially seemed clear and competitive: however, on a $433.73 return flight from NYC to Guatemala City, I noticed that a $21.69 “Service Fee” was added.

The website allows searches by price in 11 major currencies: whilst this will be sufficient for 90% of travellers, I think it would be useful to search in more currencies given how easy this is to set up for the website.

  • clear layout
  • fast search engine
  • wide range of airline carriers
  • travel to "anywhere" feature
  • price tracking
  • service fee
  • currency range
  • fixed date searching restriction