Vacations Made Easy

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Vacations Made Easy is a simple, but reputable booking site that has stood the test of time due to its ease of use, responsive customer service, and great vacation packages. This booking service unfortunately does not offer any flights in their packages, but they deliver plenty of value with their regular destination and hotel packages, so we can definitely overlook that small flaw.


Vacations Made Easy aims to be your one-stop shop for planning, research, and booking your hotels and various experiences for your vacation. We are happy to report that they have successfully created a great platform for doing exactly that! They offer hundreds of vacation packages that include various activities and hotel accommodations. Compared to other services, it looks as if Vacations Made Easy offers a wider selection of experiences.


For example, they have shows tours, and numerous other options for entertainment whereas many other booking platforms really only feature guided tours and the usual tourist packages. If you are looking for something a little different and aimed at perhaps a younger audience, we think that Vacations Made Easy would be perfect for you.


You can also choose to not select one of their premade packages for your vacation and create your own. This is really where things get interesting. You are able to build your vacation to your specifications while maintaining a very competitive rate. Many platforms don’t have near as many options as Vacations Made Easy does.


In addition to booking services, this platform also is home to thousands of posts that contain invaluable knowledge about various destinations around the world. You can pick a destination and within seconds, be reading about what things you can do while you’re there either with your significant other or your family. They definitely provide a lot of value in their blog posts.


If you are having trouble with your vacation or need help with booking, they offer a very responsive customer support line that gives you a way to talk with a real person instead of a live chat agent or recorded phone tree. All of these factors together make Vacations Made Easy truly one of the easiest places to book your vacation out there.

  • hundreds of vacation packages
  • a wider selection of experiences
  • unfortunately does not offer any flights in their packages