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Long-time international travelers remember the days when getting any type of internet or phone signal was a pipe dream. While international phone signaling infrastructure has improved over the past several decades, internet abroad has…not improved nearly enough. Sometimes, you simply need accessible wi-fi when you travel and is the best choice to make that happen. offers rentable wi-fi modules that you can take wherever you travel. Their modules work in over 130 countries, allowing you to travel to both major and minor countries without fear of losing accessible internet. These modules are rented without a time-based contract, allowing you to only pay for the days that you use the module.


While the multi-step rental process can be a bit challenging at first, I know that I won’t be making business trips to remote locations without my wi-fi module from in hand.


Key Features


Wi-fi in over 130 Countries


Smartphones, tablets, you name it – they all can connect to the internet in over 130 countries with a pocket wi-fi module from Unlike old-fashioned roaming fees, these modules run at a fixed rate. This allows you to use as much data as you need while only paying for the daily rental fee.


As an added bonus, you can share your widely-available wi-fi with friends and travel companions. Up to 10 devices can connect to these modules at once, allowing everyone to relish in internet connectivity away from home.


Contract Free


Unlike your phone or home internet,’s wi-fi modules are not issued by contract. Instead, you can sign up for a module up to 4 days before you travel, and have it delivered to your home for a small fee. When you return from your trip, you can return the module by mail to receive a bill based on the number of days it was used.


This saved me a significant amount of money on a recent business trip to the rural north of Australia. With $8 delivery and returns, this module is certainly not a burden on my travel bottom line.


Noteworthy Weaknesses


Multi-step Rental Process


Even for its convenience,’s module rental process takes some getting used to. Because this company is based in Japan, you really need to be on top of your game in order to acquire and return your model in a timely fashion. Because there are few in-person return options outside of Japan, you’ll definitely need to make a point to mail your module back promptly.

  • Convenient internet access in over 130 countries
  • Added flexibility through contract-free rentals
  • Ideal for students traveling abroad and vacationers
  • Only available in English, Chinese, and Japanese languages
  • Time-sensitive rental process