Accessible Travel Forum

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Accessible Travel Forum is an online discussion area dedicated to helping those with disabilities find out all the information they need to plan the perfect trip away. You can discover useful tips and advice by browsing the thousands of entries already available on the website or post your own question to quickly find out about accessible travel. On the site, users can connect with people, customise their profile, participate in group discussions, message people directly via a private messaging feature and create groups to chat over specific topics. Accessible Travel Forums also offer their own podcast, available for free on Apple, Android or via RSS.


The forum itself is divided into two categories – destinations and general discussion – with both containing a series of subcategories, including information on cruises, flying, hotels and apartments. I particularly like the fact that the disabilities are broken down into their own sections, so as not to lump all disabled people into one group. These are separated into travellers with visual impairments, autism and Asperger’s, and Special Needs Children.


Another feature of the website that I find especially useful is the recent topics section down the right hand side of the page. This provides a list of the latest posts to give an idea of what people are talking about, with links to the posts imbedded in the titles, allowing you to quickly view the thread. Clicking on a username once on a thread will bring up a profile page that provides information on their recent activity on the website and how many followers they have.


One obvious drawback to the Accessible Travel Forum is that it is currently lacking in content. Although there are a number of categories, not many people have contributed so far, perhaps because the site is still in its early stages.

  • Forum targeted at those travelling with disabilities
  • Categories separated into different handicaps
  • Recent topics shown down side of page
  • Lacking in general content