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Adioso is a flight comparison website that offers a unique way of discovering the cheapest deals, be it a 45-minute flight to the next city or a round the world trip. The website itself claims to give its users ‘complete flexibility’ and, indeed, their search options make looking for flights easier than ever.


One of my favourite features of using Adioso to search for flights is the ability to set trip lengths, rather than having to put in specific dates for return. For example, if you are unsure of exactly how long you will be away, you can set it to search for flights ‘About 4 weeks’ or ‘About 10 days’ after your departure date to bring up a list of results that will help you decide when is the cheapest day to travel. This is perfect for flexible travellers who are looking for low cost over specific travel dates.


Another great feature is the option to search for destinations by ‘Wanderlists’ rather than by cities or countries. These lists include ’10 Best Museums in the World’, ‘Best Destinations for Active Travellers’ and ‘Greatest Cities in the World for Foodies’ After choosing your starting location and dates, you will be shown a grid of the best places based on the wanderlist you have chosen, with a photo and the price of a flight for each, allowing you to easily choose where to go. This is a very unique feature that I have not come across on any other similar website and makes for a far more interesting way to gain inspiration and book an adventure.


One downside to Adioso is the long-winded process of adding filters to search results. Rather than simply ticking boxes down the left hand column, as is the way on most websites, you must hover your cursor over each category and add it in manually.

  • Set non-specific trip lengths to find out best time to travel
  • Search for destinations based on ‘Wanderlists’
  • Good customer support with live online chat
  • Long-winded process of adding and removing filters