Adventurous Kate

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Adventurous Kate is a travel blog aimed at women who like, or are thinking about, travelling solo. Having left her job at 26 to start travelling, she has a wealth of experience when it comes to getting by as a solo woman abroad.


Although the website itself may not be as aesthetic in design as those of other travel bloggers, content is abundant and article destinations range from Andorra to Sri Lanka, with a number of posts under each one. Each article is divided into subheadings and there are various photos taken from each trip featured throughout. I particularly like the comments section below each article where readers can leave their comments on the piece and add their own experiences to make the blog post even more comprehensive.


The ‘Best of the Blog’ category is a collection of the most inspiring and useful posts from the website, including ‘Craziest Adventures’, ‘Solo Female Travel’ and ‘Favorite Islands and Beaches’. Under ‘Personal Posts’, Kate includes some stories of her travels and lessons she’s learnt along the way, told in an honest and open way. She also explains on the website that it is “extraordinarily difficult” to make it as a travel blogger, something that sets her apart from other bloggers who attempt to present the idea that anyone can do it, and often sell a service that promises to help you eventually become one.


Adventurous Kate’s travel resources are a great place to look for recommendations on everything from finding accommodation online to the best shampoo to pack. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there is a search bar where you can type in keywords and will take you to all related posts. The website does not feature any guest writers, therefore it is mainly aimed at solo female travellers, however it doesn’t have the same exclusively female presentation as other female travel bloggers, making it slightly more accessible men as well.

  • Large range of destinations to choose from, with a number of articles under each
  • Best of Blog features a collection of the most inspiring and useful articles all in one place
  • Travel resources contain useful information on range of travel-related topics
  • Website looks slightly out-dated compared to other travel blogs