Off The Path

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Off The Path is an adventure travel blog run by Mallorcan-born Sebastian Canaves who has lived in ten countries and travelled to nearly one hundred, including New Zealand, Scotland, Bali and Bangkok. Other than his own entries, his website includes articles from three other writers, Line, Manuel and Nadja.


Featured on the blog are a range of different topics, from travel inspiration to tips on what to do in preparation for a trip. There is also a great section titled ‘Save Money For Travel’, which includes lots of advice on how to save money while travelling, as well as information on how to find the cheapest flights and accommodation. This is useful for those budget-conscious travellers who may not realise that going on a trip abroad doesn’t have to break the bank.


The ‘Travel Guide’ section is laid out in an easy-to-navigate grid of thumbnails with each country in alphabetical order, from Argentina to Vietnam. After choosing a country, you will be taken through to a new page with all the posts included in that category, which can be viewed by simply scrolling down. Each post comes with a photograph and title, while more photos are dispersed throughout. At the bottom there are related posts and a comments section where visitors can leave their feedback and add their thoughts on the article.


Under ‘Resources’ are Sebastian’s recommendations for online travel websites, such as the best places to book accommodation, which companies to book tours with and where to get the best deals on rental cars. However, as he is an affiliate of the flight comparison company Momondo, his only recommendation for booking flights is with Momondo. This limits his advice to an extent as he is restricted to recommending just one company that may not necessarily offer the cheapest airfares.

  • Blog includes articles from guest writers, giving more well-rounded accounts of different places
  • Save Money for Travel section gives good advice on how to be a savvy traveller
  • Resources section suggests the best companies to use for things such as booking accommodation, finding tours and renting cars
  • Recommendation for companies to book flights with is restricted to the one he is affiliated with