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Just about everyone loves to travel. If you’ve ever asked someone what are some things that they’d like to accomplish or what’s on their bucket list, you will definitely hear the majority of people say that they want to travel somewhere. It’s a great way to learn about cultures, take a break from your daily life, and potentially even find a place to retire.

Whatever your reason for traveling, you’ve likely noticed how expensive it is. When you add up airfare, baggage, snacks, hotels, car services, and whatever you’ve added to your itinerary, you can easily spend thousands of dollars on one trip.


Did you know that there is a website available that can help you save a ton of money while traveling? JohnnyJet does just that and more. Today we’re going to be diving into what the website offers along with where it excels and where it could use some work.

What is JohnnyJet?

JohnnyJet is a newsletter-like website for those who love to travel. Have you ever been looking for a traveling deal for your next vacation and ended up looking at several websites? You could create an entire folder for the sites that claim to have the best deals or cheapest airfare options. Essentially, JohnnyJet puts your folder full of all of those different sites and puts it in one place.

This traveling portal will show you organized results no matter how often you find yourself headed to the airport. Many people enjoy using JohnnyJet instead of spending hours trying to find a travel deal for their upcoming trip. The public is allowed to share traveling bargains, tips and tricks from their experiences, and more. You can read public stories from people who have traveled just about everywhere.


You will also find information about the best credit cards that have benefits for those who travel. In a nutshell, JohnnyJet is a place to share and learn about traveling. It is packed with money-saving posts, and you’re bound to learn something new by just visiting the website. There is also a free newsletter that will go straight to your email inbox.

JohnnyJet History

Johnny, the founder of JohnnyJet, grew up being afraid to fly after being diagnosed with asthma. The thought that breathing inside the cabin brought enough anxiety that Johnny avoided flying for nearly four years. By the age of 21, he was off his medication and headed for the airport. Ironically enough, airports and inside the cabin of an airplane is where he spends the majority of his time now. While he conquered his fear of flying, there were still unpleasant things about traveling that both Johnny and nearly everyone else has experienced.


Have you ever been waiting to board a plane and had to wait forever until your section was able to board? Maybe you’ve been nestled into the middle seat for a long flight. Don’t get Johnny started on having to sit in the back of the plane, the terrible airplane food, or having to wait for luggage. After experiencing all of these problems over and over again, Johnny decided enough was enough and that a change had to be made.


After a lucky experience in first class, he realized that everyone should have a relaxing and first-class-like experience whenever they fly. No one should be treated as steerage, especially when their paying for a service. After a lot of observation of everyone involved in a flight, Johnny learned that traveling via airplane was all a game.


Johnny learned how to play the game and wanted to share it with the world, which is why JohnnyJet was created. Now instead of being paralyzed at the thought of flying, he looks forward to his next trip and enjoys helping others do so as well. Johnny’s mother Jeanne once said, “the best way to use your miles is to take your mom to Europe.” It sounds like Jeanne had the right idea all along.

Benefits of JohnnyJet

Below are some of the main benefits of using JohnnyJet for your next adventure.

Real-life Reviews

Believe it or not, a lot of the time, reviews are fabricated to make businesses look better than they are. With JohnnyJet you will find that all posts on the website are from real people who have used the services or products that they’re writing about. You can learn tips and tricks from them, as well as learn from their travel mistakes!

Saving Money

Easily one of the best parts of this website and newsletter is how much money you can save on your trips. You can learn about deals via a blog post or you can learn which credit card has the most travel benefits. You won’t just learn about how to save money on flights, but you can read about saving money on luggage, hotels, taxis, and more. You can also read all about travel rewards, how to get more points while traveling, and even insurance guides for your trip.

What Could JohnnyJet Work On?

After spending quite a bit of time on the website and actually putting some of the things I learned to use, I really don’t think there is much that JohnnyJet needs to improve on. The website is well organized, contains a variety of different topics, is easy to navigate, and is aesthetically pleasing. Good work to his website creators! This site is only there to help people save money and learn all about traveling, and they’re doing a great job at it!

Final Words

Whether you fly once a decade or three times a week, you may find taking a trip over to JohnnyJet will benefit you. Feel free to read one of the many blogs from experienced travelers about specific destinations. There’s no reason not to sign up for the free newsletter. You’ll likely save some money on your next vacation. If you’re scared of flying, take a deep breath and take it from Johnny; eventually, you will grow to love it! Have fun and happy travels!

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