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Everything Everywhere is a travel blog run by Gary Arndt from Wisconsin, who sold his house in 2007 to explore the world, and has won a number of travel journalism awards, as well as being featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and National Geographic.


His website is very simple, with the blog posts set out in a simple scroll down menu under various headings. Articles vary from what to know before travelling, to the best cameras to buy in order to take great photos. Although most of the posts have one photo at the top, hardly any have photos featured throughout and some have none at all. This makes for quite a dull read, as the paragraphs are not broken up with anything to look at.


The section that interested me most about Everything Everywhere was the UNESCO World Heritage sites category. Under this, there is a list of all the new sites added to the category each year, and each one has a link to a blog post on Gary’s experience visiting it. Not only is it similar to ticking off items on a bucket list, it makes for a unique way to travel, as the locations are guaranteed to be stunning, as they are voted for at the world heritage convention.


Another significant feature to the website, and something that sets it apart from other travel bloggers, is the podcast section. Here, there are two podcast categories – The Global Travel Conspiracy and This Week In Travel – which have won awards for best travel podcast. These can easily be accessed via the website and make for an interesting alternative to reading blog posts about travel.

  • Simple format with various travel topics included in blog
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites category shows list of new entries and links to blog post about visiting each one
  • Podcast presents alternate way of finding out about travel topics
  • Some blog posts don’t feature any photos, making for drab look