Young Adventuress

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Young Adventuress is a travel and lifestyle blog written by a 28-year old woman from Washington D.C. Her blog includes information on over 40 different countries, travel advice as a solo female traveller and how to become a travel blogger yourself.

For me, what sets Young Adventuress’ website apart from other travel blogs is the selection of ‘Moving abroad’ articles. Having lived in both Spain and New Zealand for a number of years, her website contains a whole host of different posts that give advice and explain the ups and downs of leaving your home country. She also accepts guest writers to add their thoughts and experiences on living abroad, such as teaching English in schools. This differs from other travel bloggers who live more of a nomadic lifestyle, never staying in one country for more than a few months at most and making their living using online resources.


Each post features various high quality photos taken from the trip or experience, with the articles themselves usually set out in the form of a list to make reading easy. There are links to other related articles featured throughout and a comments section below to allow readers to add their own feedback on the piece.


One thing the website lacks is a travel resources section, offering information on topics such as how to prepare for a trip abroad or what to pack for each destination. Although there are lots of blogs with advice and tips, there is no specific category featuring a selection of travel resources, which would make undoubtedly make the blog more comprehensive. Nevertheless, the ‘Moving Abroad’ section largely compensates for this.

  • Information on travel to more than 40 different countries
  • Moving abroad section provides advice on living away from your home country, featuring articles from guest writers
  • High quality photos and comments section on each post
  • No travel resources section