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With a claim of over 1.2 million hotels in over 200 countries, seems like one of the best places to go to view all accommodation options wherever you’re staying. On its hotels homepage, it gives the option to instantly filter by stars before taking you to a new page where you can get more specific by selecting everything from swimming pools to being close to certain landmarks.


Every time I have used I’ve been surprised by its neat and user-friendly presentation, showing you all the most important details at the top and getting more specific the further down you scroll. This allows for a quick overview, while its mixture of Tripadvisor reviews and Verified Reviews give a reliable picture of potential accommodation.


Another feature which I find particularly useful is the option to choose whether you pay at the hotel or prepay online. This can be essential if you’re unsure whether you will be able to make a trip or not but don’t want to lose out on a room just in case. On other websites, this information can be more difficult to find, however make a point of clearly presenting it on each property.


The website also has its own reward points scheme, meaning if you are a frequent traveller, you can collect points after each stay. Although this can often take a while to benefit from, it can prove great in the long term as you will find yourself saving up points without even realising. Tabs to search flights, trains and airport transfers also make searching for all your travel needs very simple as everything is in one place. You can’t compare prices with other sites, but as far as booking with ease goes, ticks all the boxes.

  • Huge range of properties on offer
  • User-friendly layout
  • Rewards programme to help make most of your stay
  • No price comparison on offer