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Orbitz Travel looks and feels like Expedia, however it has some great features that set it apart from its competitor. Not only does it have a wider range of options to choose from, including ‘Deals’ and ‘Activities’ section, it also features its own Travel Blog to help choose the perfect place to stay.


Its hotel booking usability is simple and clean, offering a number of different filters down the left hand side and a ‘Sort by’ tab to help pick somewhere without the hassle of scrolling through multiple properties. They also have their very own ‘Orbitz Rewards’ scheme, with each booking indicating how much you could potentially earn if you become a member. The ‘Orbucks’ that you receive after booking can sometimes double or even treble depending on the promotion, meaning you can save a significant amount if you find yourself travelling a lot.


If you’re looking to reserve a hotel as part of a bundle, Orbitz also has the option to do that too, allowing the customer to stay on the website when booking flights and rental car as well.


I found their verified reviews from guests who have previously used the website to book a hotel very reassuring as I felt it meant they were more reliable than websites such as Tripadvisor, which allow anyone to leave comments. I was also very impressed by the wide range of properties available to book, seemingly the most expansive of any competing website out there. Although they do have a price guarantee option, it’s not immediately obvious and the lack of price comparison makes it difficult to know whether you’re getting the best deal without looking at other websites. However, all in all it’s a very good place to find the perfect accommodation for you.

  • Good rewards scheme that will give you savings on future bookings
  • Travel blog to help decide where to stay
  • Option to book package deals
  • No price comparison available
  • Price guarantee feature difficult to find