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Previously dealing predominantly in restaurant and bar reviews, over recent years Tripadvisor have begun to offer hotel reservations with fine results. Unlike Booking.com, Tripadvisor compares costs across a number of booking websites, including their own, giving the option to ‘View all deals’ in order to find the best price.


I like using Tripadvisor to find somewhere to stay as, although accommodation details are a bit thinner than on other websites, their review system is often very useful in choosing where to spend your hard earned cash. You can select reviews depending on language, traveller type, as well as time of year, giving you a good idea of what it’s like to stay in the hotel precisely when you’re planning on being there.


Tripadvisor also gives you the option to find key words in reviews, so for example if you’re after somewhere with a good location, you can type in ‘location’ and see what other travellers are saying about it in their comments.


The website includes all the contact details of each hotel, as well as a link to the hotel specific website, giving the user the feeling that they are not restricted to booking through Tripadvisor if they don’t want to. On top of this, the photos of each place are divided between professional photos and traveller photos, adding to the transparency in making a booking you know you’ll be happy with.


Although Tripadvisor has the same feature as Booking.com, which tells you when people are looking at the same property, it doesn’t have the same aggressive pop-ups that its partner company has, which I believe makes the user feel more at ease when making a reservation. The website can at times feel convoluted and not all reviews that are posted can be trusted, however all in all, Tripadvisor is a great tool for finding and booking accommodation.

  • Allows user to compare results across other websites to help find the best deal
  • User reviews can be refined by the filters in order to find specifically what you’re looking for
  • Users can see both professional photos and user photos to get a good sense of what the hotel is like
  • Contact info and hotel website included
  • Little information on type of accommodation compared to other booking websites
  • Website can feel convoluted and confusing at times
  • Ranks hotels by user views and not all user reviews can be trusted