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As a regular traveller to Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, I am always seeking the cheapest and best accommodation deals and looking at new metasearch engines to see which can fulfill my travel needs. Thus, I have reviewed


HotelTonight advertises itself as a last minute hotel search website, with good deals at the ultimate hour. Firstly, I wanted to see what kind of destinations the website would serve: Istanbul had a handful of hotels: Ho Chi Minh City & Rio de Janeiro had nothing available. Thus, it would appear that this website suits people looking for last minute deals in top European or North American destinations. Wanting to review the website fairly, I thus changed my initial search to Chicago.


In Chicago, the website had 2 hotels in the $60 range, which increased to $70 when taxes were included. I also repeated the search for London, where a cheap room including taxes was $77 per night. Both of these prices are competitive considering how expensive the 2 cities actually are.The search feature is unlike other metasearch engines: hoteltonight has relatively few search options and filters, however, it does allow you to search by price “low to high”, and I don´t actually feel a large number of filters is necessary as HotelTonight does not return thousands of results for a city as per a metasearch engine such as Agoda or Rather, HotelTonight has relatively few hotels, with good promotions, for the last minute. The map feature was always present in searches which meant that a quick decision could be made on which hotels were suitable in terms of location. I tried seeing what the booking process would actually look like, and it was quick and efficient, with payments taken by Google Pay, Credit Card and PayPal. However, debit card wasn´t taken which surprised me.


HotelTonight seems to serve travellers to very popular, western destinations. It offers discounts on mid range hotels, and has a few decent deals. However, it certainly isn’t for budget travellers or anyone who is travelling outside major North American or European cities. I believe it is thus a website worth checking for couples, business travellers or those who want decent, affordable mid range accommodation.

  • easy to use website
  • good map feature
  • some good last minute discounts.
  • limited range of locations and hotels
  • pre taxes prices shown