Last Minute Cruises

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Last Minute Cruises is a cruise comparison website that offers great deals on a range of different voyages from Northern Europe to the Bahamas across a whole hosts of cruise line companies. Their last minute deals show journeys that sail with as little as ten days notice, allowing customers to get cut prices on cruises they’re interested in. You can also easily view various cruise line extras, such as discounts on second guests or complimentary drinks, to help find the perfect cruise for you.


Once you have selected your travel preferences, you will be taken through to a page displaying various cruises that can be sorted by price, duration or company, as well as be fine tuned by adding in different filters from down the left hand column. I particularly liked the ability to set a specific price range and choose a star rating in order to guarantee quality.


Yet, one issue I encountered after selecting a cruise was deciding which cabin to choose, as the website only displays one photo of the room with a note underneath saying that the actual stateroom details may vary from those shown in the photo. This made it more difficult to get a true sense of the sort of place I was booking than it would have been had I gone directly through the company’s webpage that would have contained more information and photographs.


Nevertheless, the ability to book the voyage through Last Minute Cruises was useful as it means you don’t have to stray from the website or re-enter any details on a third-party site. I also liked the ‘New Ships’ section, which displays a list of new cruise liners, offering detailed information on its amenities and various photos from the ship, as well as the option to book a place on board.

  • Easily view cruise lines offering deals on extra items, such as complimentary drinks
  • Filters allow you to set price range or view those only with a certain star rating
  • New Ships section shows collection of new cruise liners across various companies
  • Lack of accurate photos representing different room types