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What is OneTravel Hotels? is a travel booking website that was established in the mid 90s and offers flights, hotels, and packages to top destinations all over the world – they claim to now be one of the most recognized online travel brands domestically and internationally.

OneTravel Hotels is a branch of the travel booking website that focuses on finding great hotel deals for travelers. Whether you’re looking for an in-airport hotel for your next layover, budget accommodation for when you backpack through Europe, or for a luxury hotel to relax in, the website says it will find you the best deal out there. You can browse through budget properties, beach resorts, or four-star properties in popular tourist destinations within just a couple of minutes.

They’re able to find the best deals for you whether you’re staying for one night or ten nights, and whether you need a last-minute hotel booking deal or are planning for a getaway months in advance with their discounted vacation packages.

Who owns the OneTravel Hotels website?

OneTravel Hotels is a US-based travel website that was established in the mid 90s. The company actually launched from a barn in Pennsylvania and is now one of the most sought-after travel brands in the US and overseas. They compare flights with more than 600 airlines and work with over 84,000 hotels worldwide.

Is OneTravel Hotels legitimate? Is OneTravel Hotels a reliable hotel booking site?

According to ConsumerAffairs, OneTravel is a legitimate option when looking for travel deals and booking hotels, flights, car rentals, and vacation packages. To summarize the reviews, OneTravel does have everything they say they do, but the problem lies mostly in aftercare.

Users have found it difficult to contact the company’s supposed 24/7 customer service to make changes to their bookings/ tickets and many have found that the claims of OneTravel deals being “fully refundable and flexible” are actually false. And even if they do eventually issue a refund, people have waited months to get their money back.

Is OneTravel Hotels the best website for last minute hotel deals?

OneTravel Hotels offers the same services as other renowned travel booking sites such as, Trivago, and Priceline. In my opinion, OneTravel is not the best website for last minute hotel deals because many of these other travel booking sites are much more renowned. A quick search for hotels in the same destination and dates showed that the prices were exactly the same across the board. I would suggest other options such as to be better solely because of their history of being easy to use and having amazing customer service.

What makes OneTravel better than other travel booking sites?

There are a few features on OneTravel that make them stand out from other travel booking sites. A few of the things I noticed include:

  • They have a promo code that gives you deals like $15 off, etc. The website also states that you can call them for better unpublished deals.
  • A OneTravel visa credit card is available; this gives you interest-free financing options as well as higher points per dollar. The deal at the moment is six months of special financing for OneTravel purchases over $399.
  • They do claim to have a ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ option when booking hotels. This means that you’ll be able to book your hotel accommodation and pay once you arrive, allowing you to cancel at any time before your check in for absolutely free. There are tons of benefits to this such as:
    • Booking your hotel stay even before you collect the necessary funds so that you can take advantage of early booking discounts while taking your time to collect the money necessary.
    • This gives you the chance to review your hotel room before checking in to make sure you’re getting what you expect and are satisfied with the property.
    • This option makes sure you don’t suffer a loss just in case you have a sudden change of plans which will lead to modifying or canceling your trip.

What makes OneTravel worse than other travel booking sites?

Other than the previously-mentioned issues pertaining to customer service and return policies, there are a few other aspects that may make you opt for another travel booking site instead of OneTravel.

  • OneTravel charges an online airline transaction service fee ranging anywhere from free up to $35 per passenger, per ticket.
  • OneTravel charges an online hotel reservation transaction service fee up to $42 per night, per room.
  • OneTravel charges an online car rental transaction service fee of up to $40 per rental.
  • There are also additional fees ranging anywhere from $10 to $200 for online vacation package booking services, business and first-class airfares, multi-city and open-jaw trips, unaccompanied minors, and contact center booking services (which generally costs more than when booking the same thing online).

Given that many other travel booking sites are often completely free to use and do not have any service fees that have to be paid by the traveler, this is definitely a downside to using OneTravel.

How good is OneTravel Hotels at finding good accommodation?

The layout for OneTravel Hotels is almost exact to any other travel booking site that you may have already come across. It’s extremely easy to use, with the search bar prominently displayed as soon as you go to the website; the site automatically lands on the hotel tab, but you can change that if you want only flights, rental cars, or vacation packages.

You start your search by putting in basic details such as destination, dates, and how many travelers/ rooms. Once you do, you get a list of their top picks which averages the best price, rating, etc. Across the top, you can also choose to see results based on price, review, stars, or only the entire home and apartment. On the left hand side, there are options to filter your results by budget, distance from the city center, fun things to do, landmarks, reservation policy, amenities, property types, and much more.

Using these filters makes it extremely easy to find accommodation based on all of your needs and requirements. At the top right hand corner of the search results page, you can view the results in your choice of languages and/ or currency; it defaults to English and the prices listed are in US dollars. At the bottom of the main home page, there’s also a link to hotel deals that they’ve highlighted. That’s a particularly good option for people who don’t have a destination in mind but want to get the best hotel deals available.

Does OneTravel Hotels have a rewards program?

OneTravel Hotels does have a rewards program for their members and it’s free to become one and reap the benefits. Members get one point for every dollar spent on You can then redeem and use the points toward future flights, hotels, and cars booked through OneTravel.

If you apply for a OneTravel visa credit card, you get one member reward point for each dollar spent as well as an additional six credit card reward points when you use it on – making it 7 points per dollar spent. You also get four points for every dollar spent on dining with the OneTravel credit card and two points per dollar spent for all other purchases.

Does OneTravel Hotels have a mobile app?

There is a OneTravel mobile app that you can download from the App Store for iOS devices and from Google Play for Android devices. These apps are free to download and very easy to use; there’s even an additional benefit to using the app instead of the website for your next booking; you get double the points you usually would, which you could then use for discounts on later bookings.

All in all, OneTravel seems to be a good option for booking hotel accommodation because it does give you good deals and lots of options as they say they will. While some people have faced problems with aftercare and customer service mostly related to getting refunds, their ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ option only for hotel bookings will save you from that trouble (though we can’t say the same if you use them for flights or vacation deals). I wouldn’t necessarily say that OneTravel is better than other travel booking sites such as which is renowned and offers the same things, but I do like that they have their own credit card with special financing options and increased rewards points.

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  • Competitive prices compared to similar travel booking websites
  • Price match promise: the difference will be refunded if you contact them within 24 hours of booking
  • Everything from budget to four-star accommodation for every type of traveler
  • Works with over 84,000 hotels worldwide
  • Offers promo codes for discounts, etc.
  • A OneTravel visa credit card is available and offers special interest-free financing when used
  • Rewards program where you can earn up to 7 points per dollar spent on
  • ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ option for hotels lets you pay at the hotel upon arrival
  • Mobile application available for easy use and double the points
  • People have found it difficult to contact their supposed 24/7 customer service
  • Multiple complaints on aftercare and receiving refunds for trips modified or canceled within their rules
  • There are more established travel booking sites that offer the same exact thing
  • Online hotel reservation transaction service fee up to $42 per night, per room
  • When booking pre-paid hotel accommodation, it includes most taxes and fees but there might be additional ones you have to pay at the hotel such as resort fees, cleaning fees, room tax, parking, etc.
  • Most pre-paid hotel bookings cannot be changed or canceled and are often non-refundable; there is an additional $35 cancelation fee charged by OneTravel