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With the use of clever marketing and a clean comprehensible layout, Trivago has become one of the fastest growing metasearch hotel platforms on the market in recent years. Like Kayak, you cannot book directly through the website, however once you’ve found the best deal using their simple price comparison you will be taken through to the booking website to make your reservation.


When using Trivago, I’ve found the inclusion of the ‘Hotel Website’ price alongside the major booking pages such as Expedia and to be a nice addition. Often when I am trying to get the best deal on a hotel I will go to the official hotel page as it can often be cheaper as they don’t charge a commission, yet with Trivago this is included in its search options.


As well as displaying the listings across 200 different booking websites, Trivago also offers the ability to filter results by property type, including hotels, hostels and apartments. This gives much more scope to the user when making a booking as it can often be preferable to rent an entire apartment rather than multiple rooms in a hotel.


One aspect of the website that slightly put me off was the lack of a rewards scheme. Nevertheless, Trivago’s exclusive offers, which can be found under ‘Top Deals’, often present the most competitive prices on hotels that could have seen you pay significantly more had you booked via another site. Although they may not always offer excusive deals in the location you are looking at, when they do pop up you can be sure to make a great saving. For the most part, this makes up for their lack of rewards scheme, while their advanced filters and simple interface make Trivago a good place to look for somewhere to stay.

  • Alongside booking websites, includes price of hotel from official hotel website
  • Advanced filters, including ability to search by accommodation type
  • Exclusive deals often cheaper than anywhere else
  • Cannot book directly via their website
  • No rewards scheme available